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Chaos! - The Secret Diary of Lignamorren
The Occasional Thoughts of a Lost Ratboy

Sean Willard
Date: 2009-08-22 18:53
Subject: Chaos!
Security: Public
Music:Renaissance, "Touching Once (Is So Hard To Keep)
I've been reading a ton lately, mostly science fiction, as is my wont. And mostly free stuff, from either Project Gutenberg or Feedbooks. Generally this means old, out-of-copyright stuff: generally, not later than early '60s.

But there are a few exceptions, like Charlie Stross, Cory Doctorow, and Jeffrey Carver. The last has made a whole bunch of his books available for free in a bunch of formats, including Kindle, at Starrigger.net, including all four books (so far) in the Chaos Chronicles: Neptune Crossing, Strange Attractors, The Infinite Sea, and Sunborn. The last is available for free only until Tor releases its own ebook version, so go grab it now. I'm halfway through the second book now.

This is a great series. It's hard science fiction but with an enormous emphasis on character; or perhaps it's character-driven fiction with hard science fiction elements. Very good stuff. Sean-Bob says check it out.
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