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Dream Pet - The Secret Diary of Lignamorren
The Occasional Thoughts of a Lost Ratboy

Sean Willard
Date: 2009-09-08 19:26
Subject: Dream Pet
Security: Public
So I had a dream of being a kid at home with my mom and sister, and we were visited by a hedgehog. A huge hedgehog, the size of a really big housecat. A very affectionate hedgehog, who liked to wrap himself around my legs like a cat. I was wearing shorts but was somehow unscathed. He loved being petted, though you had to be careful to do it with the grain, as it were. Or stick to scritching him under the chin. Of course my sister and I wanted to keep him, though Mom was worried about him getting bigger; like, the size of a German shepherd or something.

I was going to call him "Sticky".
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Vicki: slug icon
User: oddprofessor
Date: 2009-09-09 02:40 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
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What in the world is happening? Last night I dreamed that Paul and I were watching two English ladies fly around in our trees in search of woodpeckers, and as we watched, a porcupine came out of a hole in one of the trees and ambled away. I was annoyed with myself because I kept calling him a "porkypine" instead of a porcupine.

I like "Sticky" better, though.
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Sean Willard
User: lignamorren
Date: 2009-09-09 03:08 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
In the dream, I thought it was wonderfully witty, and was surprised when I woke up that it actually is kind of clever. Unlike many another dream (or half-awake) idea I've had that turned out to be utter shite, like "Mind Mom", a superhero with the power to compel anyone to do her bidding, whose catchphrase was "mind your mom". Shudder.
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User: ajb47
Date: 2009-09-10 15:19 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I was going to call him "Sticky".

Not Spiny Norman?
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